Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit

So what can I expect if I decide I’d like to visit Risen Church?

Service begins every Sunday at 10:30 at Regal Cinemas Westchester Commons (361 Perimeter Drive, Midlothian, VA 23114)

Here’s a quick timeline of what happens EVERY SUNDAY:

From 10:10 – 10:30

  • You’ll be greeted in the parking lot by friendly faces who are ready to calm your nerves and help you get where you need to go.
  • GOT KIDS?! Once you walk through the doors, you’ll notice straight ahead to the left is our Risen Kids CHECK IN table. You’ll fill out one quick and simple form on a clipboard and then you’ll be lead to our AMAZING Risen Kids classes (Nursery for ages 0-1, Pre School for ages 2-5, and Elementary for students k-5th grade). All of our teachers are trained, vetted, and background checked to ensure that they are some of the best care-givers and teachers on the planet!
  • NO KIDS?! Once you walk through the doors, you’ll notice straight ahead to the right is our “Welcome” table where you can grab a quick refreshment, ask any questions you may have or just wave and say, “I think I can figure it out from here…”
  • Once you’ve met your limit on visiting in the commons area, you can follow the massive directional signs straight to our AUDITORIUM where you’ll be greeted once again by people who will help you find a seat. You’re likely to find yourself thinking, “I’m pretty sure I saw Despicable Me 3 in here!”

10:30 – 10:50

  • At 10:30 you’ll be encouraged to stand to your feet (if you’d like) and as the service begins you’re going to notice something right away: THIS IS SOME INCREDIBLE MUSIC!

10:50 – 10:55

  • One of our fantastic MCs will walk you through how you can get more involved at Risen Church. It’s easy to join our movement as quickly as you’d like by signing up for MOVE TRACK – and it’s easy to NOT get involved right away if you just need to “take it slow.”

10:55 – 11:30

  • You can expect a message from our pastor that will help you live a BETTER LIFE. You’ll laugh, you’ll be encouraged, and above everything else, you’ll see who Jesus really is more clearly than ever before.


  • Before you have time to ask, “HOW MUCH LONGER IS THIS GOING TO LAST?” we’ll dismiss you in time to catch all the best Sunday brunch specials or grab a tub of popcorn for lunch and catch a movie!